Gio Natural Blanket, the Baby Blanket made by Experts


Gio Natural Blanket is produced only for the baby skin using the collagen fabric,
eco-friendly new material, and organic material for atopic and sensitive baby skin.

What is Gio Natural Blanket?

For the babies with sensitive skin, eco-friendly fibers can be more reliably than synthetic fibers.
Gio Natural Blanket is made of collagen fabrics and organic fabrics, which are the most environmentally friendly functional fibers, so that they can be used safely on sensitive baby's skin.

Gio natural blanket can be widely used from newborn babies to infant.
It can be utilized variously as a cover, baby seat warmer substitute, car seat & baby baby-stroller blanket, nap blanket, and baby bedding.

Baby skin is sensitive like a new bud...

Now you need to protect your baby's skin while sleeping.

  • Organic Cotton?

  • The first fiber which combines vegetable ingredients and protein.

    This fiber containing Collagen is a new material born by Biotechnology.
    The fiber is made by combining collagen peptide amino acid, a protein component, and viscose based on ultrahigh molecule synthesis technique. The cellulose extracted from a beech tree and protein ingredients extracted from fishes are combined to form the high molecule. Collagen ingredients of this high molecule is not washed away, thus making perfect material for the sensitive baby skin.

    Characteristics of GIO Collagen Fiber

    The fiber combines vegetable ingredients and protein for the first time to moisturize baby’s dry skin and to provide health and comfortable sleep.

    • Moisture Control

      Moisture control is provided to keep your baby's skin hydrated.

    • Anti-static

      Antistatic material protects sensitive baby's skin.

    • Skin-friendly Fabric

      A Fiber with score 0.111 from the Skin Irritation Test. The score is the closest of all materials to 0.1, the highest score.

    • Temperature Regulation

      Its breathable trait maintains proper temperature.

    • Deodorant

      Natural deodorizing function is provided and maintains after washing.

    • Presentation of the best softness

      The texture softer than silk has no skin irritation.

    • Anti-bacterial

      99.9% of bacterial reduction rate

    • Eco-friendly material

      This original material is born eco-friendly from the nature.

  • Natural materials for sensitive skin 'organic cotton'

    This cotton is grown naturally by organic farming with natural materials and micro-organism without using any synthetic chemical substances, so-called Environmental suicides including chemical fertilizer, pesticide, disinfectant, herbicide, growth hormone and etc.

    Features of Organic Cotton

    • Environment friendly

      You can use it safely with the best quality product through safe process.

    • Moisture absorption

      Due to the nature of the cotton sweat quickly absorbed during the sleep, the air is blown into the air provides a pleasant sleep.

    • Thermal insulation

      It keeps the outside temperature at an appropriate level and maintains the internal temperature properly, giving the baby warmth and warmth.

    • Hypoallergenic

      Vegetable fiber made from nature, minimizes skin irritation, and is a great material for babies with weak skin.

Trusted Gio Natural Blanket

It is a product that uses certified fabrics obtained through strict domestic certification agencies and overseas certification agencies. It is a product that can be trusted and used for our precious baby.


Gio collagen fabrics received the highest levels of all fabrics from SGS tested skin irritation tests and received the most comfortable skin rating.

Gio natural blanket is..

It is a functional blanket that moisturizes the skin with proper moisture absorption in a dry environment and provides comfortable moisture through proper moisture release in a humid environment. Always moisturizes your baby's skin and helps with sensitive skin.






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